Professional Landscape Services uses primarily products from Hunter Industries, the irrigation industry leader in quality and innovative products. Hunter offers a full line of Irrigation products for every need, ranging from large commercial type rotors that can handle vast commercial lawn & landscape areas to small spray heads for irregular hard to water areas. Some of the more common categories of Hunter products we use are:

Rotors - Rotors, like the flagship PGP pictured above right, are ideal for providing uniform watering for medium to large lawns and landscape areas. With the superior ability to deliver even water distribution from precision engineered nozzles, this sprinkler is unequaled for reliability, durability, versatility, and value. With its patented features and Hunterís years of experience in gear-drive technology, itís no wonder the PGP remains the professionalís choice.

Sprays - Sprays are what most people think of as "pop-up" sprinklers. They are ideal for use in many residential applications, particularly for small lawn areas, narrow grassy strips and often for planting & flower areas. Hunter Sprays come in many sizes and are adjustable so that coverage can range from less than a 1/4 arc to full 360 degree coverage. Available in different heights, sprays can cover planting areas with high growth shrubs & bushes.

Valves - Control valves are the heart of an irrigation system. This is where the flow of water is turned on or off to the various zones of your irrigation system. Reliable valves with a long life are a must for any quality irrigation system. Professional Landscape Services selects the valves best suited to the particular needs of your irrigation products. Our extensive experience with installation insures years of trouble free operation.

Controllers - Also called timers, these devices determine when the water comes on & off and for how long. All modern controllers are computer based electronic devices. The particular controller that is best for each project depends upon the number of zones (valves) in the project & other factors. Based on your project requirements, Professional Landscape Services will select the most suitable controller.

Sensors - Rain sensors add a large value to any irrigation system, working in conjunction with the controller, they determine if watering is not needed by sensing when it's raining, saving money on your water bill by not wasting water when it's not needed. After all, who wants to have their sprinklers running while itís raining out? Other sensors include Freeze and Wind sensors which can be useful in specific instances.
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